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The Dove in Bathurst Station

Brindle & Glass, 2013

“The book is meticulously researched, and Westerhof’s love of place shines through in the wealth of detail.”
Publishers Weekly

Catch Me
When I Fall

Brindle & Glass, 2011

“Westerhof gives voice to these quiet and confused people, and depicts their struggle in finding their own voice against God, family and their love.”
The Telegraph-Journal

The Writer's Craft

Nelson, 2003

The Writer’s Craft provides excerpts of a variety of writing genres, each displaying a distinct feature of a type of writing. It helps students to develop the knowledge and skills related to the craft of writing by analyzing forms of writing and engaging in activities and tutorials.

About Patricia

Born in the US to Dutch immigrant parents, Patricia Westerhof moved to Amsterdam shortly after birth and then to Canada at age four. She spent her school years in Alberta and Ontario. Westerhof now lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, record producer Douglas Romanow.

Westerhof is the author of The Dove in Bathurst Station, a novel, and Catch Me When I Fall, a collection of linked stories.  She also co-authored The Writer’s Craft, a textbook. Her stories have been published in The Dalhousie Review, Room, and the anthology Trees Running Backward. Along with fiction, Westerhof writes curriculum, and she has presented at education conferences in Canada and the U.S.